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How to Write a Thesis Introduction | Writing the First Chapter

Guidelines on How you can Write an Introduction Chapter of a Thesis

How to Write a Thesis Introduction Generally, lengthy academic documents such as research projects, theses, dissertations and capstones among others are divided into different chapters. This helps students to organize the various kind of information in such papers effectively. Without that kind of organization, reading and understanding some of these papers can become really difficult. The first chapter of lengthy academic papers is the introduction. Unfortunately, not every postgraduate student understands how to write a thesis introduction. This chapter is very important as it sets the stage for the rest if your paper. In most cases, you are supposed to start this chapter with a background to your study. When presenting the background, your aim should be to demonstrate how the problem under study has evolved over the years. It then follows that writing the first chapter of an academic paper involves reviewing some of the relevant literature.

Problem Statement when Writing the First Chapter

After you are done with discussing background to your research problem, you are supposed to go ahead and present the specific problem that your study focuses on. This segment of an academic document is very important as it is used by examiners and other members of your faculty to determine whether you have a problem worth studying or not. You are supposed to be precise and clear while writing this section. Your problem statement should therefore not be longer than a few paragraphs. Most importantly, one should easily understand what your study is all about by reading this section. You should therefore clearly expose the knowledge gap under study. If you do not fully understand how to write a thesis introduction then you might have a problem completing this section. Fortunately for you, we can help you with stating the problem.

Coming up with Research Objectives

Once you are done with presenting your research problem, you should come up with research objectives. You are supposed to derive such objectives from the research problem. A helpful rule of thumb is that your research objectives must be related to the identified topic. A good research objective must be specific. This means that it should clearly state both the dependent and independent variables and their relationship. Research objectives must also be measurable. You should have an idea of how to measure the concepts highlighted in each of your objectives. Additionally, they ought to be realistic and time-bound. This implies that writing the first chapter of a thesis, research paper, dissertation or any other lengthy academic paper involves the use of critical thinking skills. As a result of this, it is very important to be extra cautious when formulating your research objectives.

Students who understand How to Write a Thesis Introduction have no problem whatsoever coming up with research questions and hypotheses

Notably, the use of research questions or hypothesis depends on the research design that one adopts in his/her study. Generally, students who use qualitative research design utilize research questions instead of hypothesis. Research questions are normally derived from the objectives. By answering them using the collected and analyzed data, one is able to bridge the knowledge gap. If you decide to adopt quantitative research design, then you are supposed to use hypothesis. Simply put, hypotheses are propositions which can be tested using statistical tools. The collected and analyzed quantitative data helps in making the critical decision of whether to reject or fail to reject the hypothesis. In most cases, null hypotheses are used and similar to research questions, they are derived from the research questions. It can be challenging to derive such hypotheses for those students who are not fully aware of how to write a thesis introduction.

Discussing Significance of your Study

Significance of the study is yet another important section of chapter one of empirical academic papers. While working on this segment, you are tasked with justifying why studying the identified research problem is important. In other words, you should show how your study has the potential of improving human conducting or ameliorating the negative effects of the research problem. It is also important to identify the groups that stand to benefit from such information. At geniuspaperhelp.com, we have expert writers who can assist you with working on this section. There is therefore no need to worry anymore if you are not familiar with the whole process of writing the first chapter of different types of academic papers. We assure you that you will get to enjoy our entire writing services at prices that are quite affordable.

Limitations of the Study

Writing the First ChapterUnder this section you are supposed to think about the weakness that your study might have. Limitations are those challenges that a researcher might encounter but does not have control over. It is good to note that there is a difference between limitations and delimitations of a study. Unlike limitations which the researcher may not be able to control, delimitations are imposed deliberately by the researcher. It is quite easy to confuse these two terms especially if you do not perfectly understand how to write a thesis introduction. It is also important to highlight the scope of your study when writing the introduction chapter. Basically, scope is the extent to which one has studied a certain concept. It is important to provide justification for the scope of your study.

Definition of key terms

This is normally the last section of the introduction chapter of an empirical academic paper. Under this segment, you are supposed to let the reader know what the various key terms in your study mean. You should provide both their definition as provided for by conventional dictionaries and their meaning according to the manner in which you have used them in your study. Our experts who perfectly understand how to write a thesis introduction shall be glad to guide you on how to write this section. You can place your order at our company at your earliest convenience as our services are available round the clock. We are also pleased to let you know that our assistance with writing the first chapter of different papers is legit.