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Literature Review Chapter Help | Chapter 2 of Thesis Writing

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Literature Review Chapter HelpEmpirical academic papers are normally divided into different chapters. The first chapter of this kind of papers is the introduction. This is followed by chapter two, which is also referred to as the literature review chapter. In most cases, this chapter is considerably longer as compared to chapter one and chapter three. It then follows that for you to write an acceptable chapter two, a lot of time and effort is needed. It is therefore no wonder that some students decide to look for literature review chapter help. If you are one of such students then you should consider this to be one of your lucky days. This is because you can get this kind of assistance at geniuspaperhelp.com. Once you contact us, your chapter 2 of thesis writing shall become quite easy.

Importance of Chapter 2 of Thesis Writing

There are a number of reasons why writing chapter two of empirical papers such as research papers, capstones, dissertations and theses is important.  Some of these reasons are highlighted below:

  • It helps one to better expose the problem under study. When one is writing this chapter, the goal is to make the reader understand that indeed the problem under study exists. You can do this by clearly highlighting knowledge gaps.
  • By conducting literature review, one avoids to duplicate research. The whole process of conducting research consumes a lot of resources. It therefore follows that it does not make sense to unnecessary duplicate a research. The most effective way to know if studies similar to yours exist is by conducting literature review.
  • Through reading materials that are relevant to your area of study, you will get to know the most appropriate methodology to use in your study. This is because as you read such materials you will get to come across different methodologies that other experienced researcher have used to study similar research problems.
  • Conducting literature review also helps one to better understand the different concepts that are related to his/her area of study. You might be glad to know that our experts who offer literature review chapter help perfectly understand the importance of this chapter.

How to Conduct Literature Review

In order for you to have an easy time and be effective when conducting literature review, you should approach this academic exercise in a systematic manner. Once you have identified the research problem that you would like to study, you should proceed to identifying the relevant databases. It is always a good idea to begin looking for materials that are relevant to your research problem in your academic institution’s library. Published books are particular excellent sources of relevant information. The problem with them is that sometimes they contain information that is outdated. It is good to note that you are supposed to make sure that majority of sources of information in your work are not older than ten years. You can nonetheless use older materials when reviewing relevant theories. It then follows that searching relevant materials is part and parcel of chapter 2 of thesis writing.

Retrieving relevant materials

There is no doubt that we are living in an era when technology has influenced a lot of things. Now more than ever before, it is possible to access numerous databases online. You are supposed to make a list of such databases before you can commence the whole process of conducting literature review. More important than make such a list is figuring out how you will manage to access them. Most institutions of higher learning have subscribed to numerous online journals. It then follows that accessing such materials for you should be quite easy. If nonetheless there is some databases that you are unable to access that you feel are critical to your study then we highly encourage you to order for our literature review chapter writing services.

Reading materials that are related to the topic of your study

Chapter 2 of Thesis WritingOnce you have retrieved the relevant materials, you need to read them. It is important to note that even before you read them, you ought to note down their bibliographical details. This is because such details are important when citing this chapter and when creating a list of references. While reading such materials, you are supposed to take notes. A helpful rule of thumb is that you should try as much as possible not to directly copy the verbatim of such read materials. This is due to the fact that you do not want to be accused of plagiarism. Are you aware that our experts who assist students during chapter 2 of thesis writing always deliver plagiarism free work? Simply allow us to assist you today and you will without a doubt be impressed by the quality of our assistance.

Organizing Chapter Two

Normally, one ends up with voluminous information after retrieving and reading different materials that are in one way or the other related to the problem under study. It then follows that if you do not organize such information properly then your chapter two can be really difficult to read and understand. You can organize this chapter according to the various themes derived from the reviewed materials. Alternatively, you can decide to organize it as per your research hypotheses or objectives. Our experts who offer literature review chapter writing help can guide you on how you ought to organize this chapter.

The Importance of Proofreading the Literature Review Chapter

The last thing that you ought to do after you are done with writing your literature review chapter is proofreading it. It is always advisable to have someone else proofread this document for you. Alternatively, you should allow some time to pass before proofreading it so that you can approach it with fresh eyes. It then follows that the whole process of chapter 2 of thesis writing does not end with writing it. Are you aware that we offer free proofreading services to students who place their order at our company? We promise you that you stand to gain a lot should you order for our literature review chapter help.