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Privacy Policy

At geniuspaperhelp.com, we are committed to protecting your confidentiality. As a result of this, we have a clear privacy policy that explains the kind of data that we collect, how we collect it, the manner in which we store it and how we share it. This policy also explains the rights that you have over your personal data and the measures that we take to protect it. It is important to note that all the personal information collected is meant to help us provide you with different kind of services and assist us in improving not only your experience on our website but also the quality of the different products that we offer.

The type of data that we collect

Basically, the type of data that we collect at our website can largely be categorized into two groups. These are namely; Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personal Identifiable Information (Non-PII).

Personal Identifiable information (PII) that we collect

PII is the type of information that differentiates a specific visitor of our website from another. The type of PII information that we collect about our visitors include:

  • Name- This information helps us keep a clear database of our clients and to authenticate users.
  • E-mail address- It helps us contact our clients if need be.
  • Phone number- We use this data to get in touch with our visitors if need be.
  • Date of Birth- It assist us to know if the client ordering for any of our products is of legal age or not.
  • Physical location- This information helps us know where our client base is located and to help us offer products that meet the set standards of the given country.
    When paying for the ordered products we may collect certain payment details. It is however worth to mention to point out that we never collect or store your card data or financial information. Clients normally share this type of information with their financial service provides. As a result of this it is the private policy of such financial providers that apply in this situation.

Non- Personal Identifiable Information that we collect (Non-PII)

Non-PII is the kind of information that cannot differentiate a user of a website from others using it. We usually collect this kind of information in order to improve our services. The Non-PII that we collect includes:

  • The average time spent on our website
  • The pages visited on the website
  • The links clicked
  • Services ordered
  • Type of devise used to browse our website
  • Your IP address
  • The links referring you to our website
  • Your location
    Essentially, we use NON-PII to improve the quality of our products and in our marketing campaigns. This information also helps us detect fraud or malicious activities on our website.


In order for you to access our products, you have a contractual obligation to provide us with certain type of information. Failure to avail to us with such information will result into inability to access our products.
You are under no statutory obligation to share with us any kind of information.

Use of cookies

Similar to other websites, we use cookies to collect visitors’ data. Essentially, cookies are small data files that we sent to your browsing device once you visit our website. In order for us to use cookies to collect your information we must seek your voluntary and informed consent. We normally do this, by the use of a cookie pop-up dialogue that prompts you to either agree or decline to the use of cookies. While you are at liberty to agree or decline the use of cookies, declining may limit your ability to use certain features of our website. The information that we collect using cookies helps us to identify you next time that you visit us and to enhance your experience on our website. We also use it to improve our products.

Use of web beacons

We may use web beacons to track your online activity. This technology helps us know the kind of content that is relevant to you. It also helps us in targeted marketing campaigns. By the use of this technology we may be able to know the kind of pages viewed, the links clicked and the number of visitors who are interested in a specific product among other details.

Embedded scripts

We may use this type of programming code to understand how you interact with different features or services on our website. Once you disconnect from the service, the downloaded programming code is deleted and we are no longer able to collect this type of information.

How we protect the collected information

We have the obligation of safely storing the collected information. To keep the data safe, we encrypt it using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. We also protect our network from malicious ware and activities using a firewall. In addition to this, we restrict access to collected information to authorized staff only.
It is our obligation to inform our visitors whenever we suspect or have encountered any security breach of the stored information. We also take the necessary measures to ensure that we effectively deal with the security breach as soon as possible.

Sharing of the collected information

In order to share your PII we must seek your informed consent first. However, we may share Non-PII in an aggregated format with our partners or third parties. Where we are compelled by law to share your information we shall comply with such a law.

Data retention

We store your information for as long as you are in contract with us. We also store such information as long as we deem it necessary to do so.
You have the right to request us to delete your personal information.
In case the law requires us to store your information and you request us to discard such information we shall comply with the law. This means that your request shall be denied.

Update of this privacy policy

We may revise this privacy policy from time to time. Whenever the law requires us to notice you about such updates we shall comply. We however encourage you to be visiting this page regularly for current updates.

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