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Terms and Conditions

Many thanks for visiting geniuspaperhelp.com. It is in your best interest to carefully read the content of this page. Please note that by visiting our website and/or placing your order you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in this page.

Definition of terms

  • “Online writing company” “website” “firm” “online writing firm” company” “We” “Us” – Refers to geniuspaperhelp.com
  • “Client” “Customer” – Means any person who has contracted us to offer him/her any of our products.
  • “You” – Refers to any other person apart from this company
  • “Product”- Means any type of good or service that our writers and editors are paid to produce.
  • “Order”- Denotes a paid request for producing any type of a product in our company.
  • “Writer”- A person who has been contracted by geniuspaperhelp.com to generate different kind of content or to help clients in executing different types of writing tasks.
  • “Editor” – Means a person who has been contacted by this company to check and correct different kind of mistakes in a clients’ papers

Usage of our products

By using our products you agree that you are of legal age.
You further agree that you are liable for any direct or indirect losses that might result from using any of our products.
You also consent that you have confirmed that using this type of product is legal in your country.
All the products offered by this company are for research purpose only. We strongly advise clients to use them as references and models for generating their own answers.
The copyright of all the products generated by this company refer to geniuspaperhelp.com. The client may therefore not submit the delivered work as their own.
By placing your order at our website you agree that you will not sell any of the products that we offer you. You further consent that you may not misuse use the offered products in any way.
You may also not breach the security of this website or expose it to any risk that could compromise any of its security features.

Delivery of products

All the works delivered by this company are in soft copies. Any request to send the ordered product to the client’s physical address in hard copy shall therefore be declined.
Clients can obtain the ordered product by either downloading it from our website or by us sending it to them in their provided email addresses. Owing to the fact that doing this can only be achieved through the use of internet, you accept to shoulder the liability or loss incurred through the use of these two methods of product delivery.
It is the responsibility of the client to provide correct delivery information including a correct email address.
This company shall not be liable to any indirect or direct loss incurred by the client due to omission or provision of incorrect delivery information by him/her.

Delivery dates

The time of delivery starts counting only after the client has fully paid for the ordered product(s).
Delivery dates indicated when placing the order are only estimates. This company however commits itself to delivering the papers on or before the indicated dates. The company shall not be liable for losses incurred for delivering any product past the estimated date.

Payment of the ordered product

Prices for our products are as quoted.
In situation where a client is entitled to a discount, the discount code must be entered before payment. If the client pays for the quoted prices without deducting the discount first then he/she forfeits the discount.
Discounts are offered on case to case basis. This company reserves the right to deny any client, new or regular, a discount.
All the ordered products must be paid for upfront. Commencement of working on the ordered product will only commence only after the client has paid the quoted price n full.
The client is responsible for the bank charges incurred while ordering for our products.
In case a customer has overpaid for the ordered product, this company will reimburse the overpayment. While doing so the company will deduct any transactional cost. The reimbursement shall be made in a minimum of 30 days. The reimbursement will also be made if the client requests for it within a maximum of 14 days after the overpayment.

Cancellation of an order

The client is free to cancel the order before paying for it.
You cannot cancel the order after you have paid for it and the company has confirmed assigning it to a writer or an editor. If you cancel your order at this stage then you shall not be reimbursed your payment.
You can cancel your order if you have mistakenly ordered for more than the required products- If this happens you should notify this company as soon as possible. In such a case you shall receive a reimbursement of your money minus transactional costs and other relevant costs in not later than 30 days.

Revision Policy

This company endeavors to offer products that fully met client expectations. However, if the product delivered does not meet the client expectation, he/she is entitled to a revision. Highlighted below are some of the unique circumstances when a client can request for a free revision.

  • When the writer or editor has disregarded the writing instructions- The products from this company are normally prepared as per the instructions of the client. The client is therefore entitled for a free revision if the issued instructions have not been followed. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that the provided instructions are clear.
  • If the quality of the product delivered does not meet the client’s academic level. If the client provides sufficient proof that the quality of work delivered does not meet level of study then he/she can request for free work revision.
  • Plagiarism- This company has a strict plagiarism policy- If the client provides proof that the delivered work has been plagiarized then he/she is entitled to either a free work revision or a full refund.

Please note that you are supposed to make your free work revision request within seven days for short papers and 14 days for lengthy papers such as capstones, thesis, research papers and dissertation.

There are a number of cases when your request for a free work revision will be declined that include:

  • When your revision instructions do not meet the original instructions- When requesting for a free work revision, you are not supposed to modify the original instructions. If you change such instructions then we shall advise you to order for “editing services” that will attract extra charges.
  • If the client fails to provide evidence of plagiarism- If you claim your work has been plagiarized and yet you cannot provided the necessary evidence then your free work revision request shall be declined.
  • When the client fails to provide materials needed to write his/her paper. If you have specific information sources that you would like used when writing your paper then you must provide our writers and editors with sufficient access to them. You cannot request for free work revision if the writers failed to use the recommended sources due to your failure to provide such sources.
  • If you fail to make your free work revision within the stipulated time.

Resolution of disputes

By using any of our products you agree that the first medium of dispute that you shall use in case one arises shall not be litigation or arbitration.
You further consent that you shall engage us in good faith before exploring any other avenue of dispute resolution that you might deem appropriate.

Revision of these terms and conditions

While we shall make effort to inform client about the updates of these terms and conditions, it is the duty of the client to regularly visit this site to find about such modifications.

Geniuspaperhelp.com reserves the right to update the content of this page at any time without prior notice or warning to client.

DisclaimerGeniuspaperhelp.com offers products that are meant to serve as either references or models when one is writing his/her own paper. As a result of this, the papers offered to clients should not be submitted as they are.