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Writing Chapter Three | Research Methodology Chapter Writing Help

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Research Methodology Chapter Writing HelpThe third chapter of empirical academic papers such as, research papers, dissertations, thesis and capstones is the methodology chapter. This is among the most critical chapters of this type of papers. The goal of writing this chapter is to make it possible for the reader or another experienced researcher to replicate your study. Writing chapter three can therefore be quite challenging. This is especially true for those students who do not fully understand conventional research methods. Regrettably, if you fail to use the most suitable research methodology then the reliability and validity of your study shall be questioned. It then follows that it is way much better to look for research methodology chapter writing help rather than submit a poorly written document. Did you know that you can get this kind of assistance at geniuspaperhelp.com?

Different Sections of Chapter Three of a Research Paper, Thesis or Dissertation

Normally, methodology chapter of a dissertation is divided into different segments. The first section of chapter three of a research paper is the research design. Simply put, a research design is a framework within which a study is conducted. As a result of this, the research design determines the type of data collected, the kind of instruments used, the manner in which the data was collected as well as how they were analyzed.  Unfortunately, majority of students have a problem discussing research design when writing chapter three. Some examples of research designs that students commonly use include: cross-sectional, predictive, pretest and post test, survey and explanatory designs among others. The good thing about hiring our services is that our writing experts perfectly understand different types of research designs.

Highlighting pilot study while Writing Chapter Three

Before the actual collection of primary data, one is expected to test how effective the data collection instruments are. In other words, you are supposed to make sure that the designed or adopted data collection instruments can accurately collect the relevant data. When conducting a pilot study, you ought to test the validity and reliability of your data collection instruments. Measures of validity determine how well an instrument measures a certain concept that it is meant to measure. On the other hand, reliability is concerned of with determining if the variability detected in scores is as a result of faulty data collection instrument or such variability actually exists due to other factors under study. If you are confused about how to work on this section of your chapter three then you should not hesitate to order for our research methodology chapter writing help.

Population as one of the sections of Methodology Chapter

Writing Chapter ThreeUnder this section, you ought to highlight the population that your study focuses on. Your description should include the geographical location of the participants as well as their demographic characteristics. Describing the population as clearly as possible is important since that is where a sample is derived. Once you are through with discussing population, you should proceed to sampling procedures. Generally, there are two broad sampling procedures that you can use. These are namely probability and non-probability sampling techniques. If you would like to generalize the findings of your study to the population where you had obtain your sample then you ought to use probability sampling procedures. On the other hand, the findings from a sample that has been drawn using non-probability sampling techniques cannot be generalized to the larger population. It is also good to point out that when writing chapter three you are supposed to use probability sampling for quantitative studies and non-probability sampling for qualitative studies.

Sample Size

Calculating the appropriate sample size is very important especially when conducting a quantitative study. This is because the size of your sample largely determines if your study can be generalized or not. There are different conventional formulas of calculating the appropriate sample size. You should be sure to clearly indicate the formula that you have used in arriving at a given sample size. While conducting qualitative study you should be sure to quote the various authoritative researchers in this field in order to justify your sample size. If there is anything that you do not fully understand about you can come up with the right size of a sample then it would do you a great deal of good to order for our research methodology chapter writing help.

Once you order for our research methodology chapter writing help we shall help you in discussing the instrumentation section

Under instrumentation segment, you are supposed to discuss the different data collection instruments used in your study. You should be sure to provide a justification of the use of each of the discussed instruments. It is worth to note that the data collection instruments that one ought to use in his/her study are largely determined by the research design that the study has adopted. Some of the common instruments that you can use in collecting data include: questionnaires, interview guides, interview schedules and focus group discussions among others. Notably, when writing chapter three you should be certain about when it is appropriate to utilize each of the aforementioned data collection instruments.

Data Analysis

This section of a methodology chapter focuses on how the collected data were analyzed. It is good to note that there are conventional methods of analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. Thematic analysis is usually conducted on data that are qualitative in nature. On the other hand, there are numerous statistical tools that are used to analyze data that are qualitative in nature. Would you like our methodology chapter writers to assist you with analyzing the collected data?

Ethical considerations

This is normally the last part that one works on when writing chapter three. While writing this section, you should clearly indicate how you protected the participants of your study. This is because it is generally accepted that research should not bring harm to the participants or humanity in general. Why don’t you try our research methodology chapter writing help today? We are eagerly waiting to assist you.